25 years of FullWrite Professional

Farewell to FullWrite

I had imagined, back in the heady days of 1990, wide adoption of FullWrite Professional as a "document processor" with a huge following of enterprise users and a cross-platform capability so that by this time everyone would be using it. Some dreams are never meant to be realized.

It's been 25 years now. It's time to say goodbye.

I have maintained this site for many years and only occasionally update things. I have enjoyed sharing e-mail with people who visited the site and others telling me about their love for the program.

It's time to turn it off.

What I will offer is an e-mail address which can be used to reach me. I can try and support your continued use of FullWrite but as the decades move on I expect to see nothing in my e-mail from anyone who had to move on to another program. dave-dot-trautman-at-encyclomedia-dot-ca

For anyone who has this site in their bookmarks they can "simplify" their lives by deleting it. This page will be the only resource on the site from this day forward. All of the other material has been archived on an aging iMac and FrankenMac which are rarely booted into their OS9 systems. I no longer use Classic OS on my office iMac. I am now firmly assimilated into the iOS collective and using Pages more than any other writing tool. I have changed my dream to one in which Pages eventually adds all of the functionality of FullWrite until I can do all the same things with it I could do before. We'll see in another 25 years.

Dave Trautman
August 2013

A short history of FullWrite has been written up and put into the Wikipedia. It is still being revised and improved. You can make your own contribution if you think some of the facts are incorrect. I've been exchanging e-mail with the author and helping him a little. FullWrite was released in the months following the 1988 MacWorld Expo.

FullWrite became a free product in 1998

Serial Number is — FREE-33333-33333

This page was written by Dave Trautman. He is not responsible for supporting FullWrite Pro but does endorse the product.